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Livelihood Trainings To 1450 Students

The foundation provided livelihood training and placement services to youth in collaboration with Infrastructure Lease & financial services (IF&LS) during 2011 to 2012​

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Prof. Bashir Foundation

Transform lives through education

Prof. Bashir Foundation was founded in 2007 in memory of Prof. Bashir Ahmad Mattoo, a dedicated social worker, who worked all his life towards the betterment of the people. The organization is working in the area of education of the disadvantaged. The thrust areas are education of the marginalized children, mentoring poor children in various areas, helping the schools academically where they are being educated, and lastly conducting research in the thrust areas.

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What We Do

Financial help to educate poor children

There is a huge requirement of educating poor children in our place (see statistics). We are doing it from the past 06 years. We have a list of students who we are helping all through the year in their education. And the list is swelling year after year. We support students in terms of tuition fees, stationary and books they need.


Mentoring poor children

We do not just help children financially in their education, we also mentor them at various levels. We mentor them in academics, in difficult times through counselling sessions and also handholding them in nurturing ideas of innovativeness.

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Academic help to schools educating the poor

We have MOU with a number of schools that educate disadvantaged children. These schools face severe shortage in trained teachers. Short of funds they employ untrained teachers for education. We fill this gap by training their teachers in the areas of curriculum and pedagogy. It helps in two ways. One, our training benefits percolate to the disadvantaged children getting better education in resource starved schools. Second, we contribute by providing on-the-job-training to untrained teachers whose teaching intervention otherwise would be of greater harm than help. Many schools keep on asking us to begin our intervention with their teachers but given our shortage of funds and personnel we are unable heed to their requests.

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Research innovation & Transformation in Education (RITE)

Working with schools for the disadvantaged our educators have, over the time, been able to innovate to devise and deploy pedagogic strategies. It has helped our schools, students, the community and other institutions. It is not just fruitful but research based intervention that would change the condition of the underprivileged communities.

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